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Every business is driven by a goal and their primary goal is driven by revenue. No matter how good one’s manufacturing operation is, how cutting-edge their technology, or how progressive and forward-thinking their management techniques, it is an effective sales mechanism that is directly related to revenue generation. Therefore, having a sales mechanism in place becomes the most important factor for the progress of any organization.

To be a winning sales organization today, it needs to be driven and enhanced by data, aligned with marketing, and able to react to sales rep and customer needs in real-time. Whether it is B2C or B2B form of selling, it takes a professional sales team that is empowered to act when serving key client interests with marketing support, money and time that is most crucial for success of any product or services.

Unlike the developed nations which have developed their sales management strategies to cater the new breed of customers for a while now, India is comparatively young in its approach to such strategies. Therefore, the important question organizations need to ask is-are we ready to meet the demands of this huge customer base? Is our sales management in place to tackle the ever-evolving nature of those we intend to target?

The Economic Times Sales Strategy MasterClass 2015 aims to answer these questions and focus on real-world solutions to each of the critical challenges. Our agenda is to deliver outcome-oriented analysis and advice, driven by discussions and detailed case studies from industry leaders.
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